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Newsweek The Rescue May 26 1975 about the Mayaguez incident Print News Media index about the Mayaguez / Kohtang Incident in 1975 including Newsweek, Time Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine and others
CBS News about three MIA Marines from the May 15 1975 rescue Notable Videos Index - A CBS News Video news report from January 24, 2001 about the three MIA Marines and A video Teaser-  Back to Koh Tang 2000 - (Purchase at the Beach Club Store)
The Mayaguez Incident book Books about Koh Tang and Mayaguez Incidents
Titles include
"14 Hour War Valor on Koh Tang and the recapture of the SS Mayaguez"
"The Mayaguez Incident ... "
"An Act of Piracy"
"A Very Short War"
"The Last Battle"
"The Four Days of Mayaguez"
Letter from President Ford for the 2006 call to the Wall reunion Documents index in PDF format including Letter from President Ford given to us for the 2006 "Call to the Wall" reunion Letter From General Gray,  29th Commandant of the Marine Corps Letter from John Clancy, Maersk / Sealand President

10 Department Of Defense (DOD) Files about the incident and ships logs
Koh Tang Newsletter Winter 2010 Newsletters index of the Koh Tang Mayaguez Veterans Organization in PDF format
Miscellaneous Media, slide show presentation of Saigon evacuation and the Mayaguez mission,  tattoo media, Koh Tang survivor tattoo template, etc.
Letter from John McCain to Dale Clark about the Mayaguez Memorial Jan 24 1997 Letters and Speeches Index - A from Senator John McCain and a letter to Dale Clark about the Mayaguez Memorial January 24th, 1997 and a speech by John McCain

Valor on Koh Tang

Valor on Koh Tang, A poem by Lonny Goen

Quotes about the Mayaguez Incident

Quotes about the Mayaguez Incident