Mayaguez / Koh Tang Beach Print News Articles

Magazine and other print media articles about the Mayaguez incident and the end in Viet Nam

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Newsweek The Rescue May 26 1975 about the Mayaguez incident
President Ford Draws the Line Time Magazine article May 26 1975
Rolling Stone Magazine News and Opinion about the Mayaguez Incident
 The last to leave Viet Name in  1975
The 28 May, 1975 article in Newsweek magazine
Contributed by Daniel Spahn USN
Gives the highlights of what happened before, during, and after the Mayaguez/Koh Tang operation. Article is 8 pages

President Ford Draws the Line:  The Mayaguez Incident and Koh Tang
Time Magazine article about the Mayaguez Incident Rescue and Koh Tang.  Issue date: May 26 1975. Article is 5 pages including the cover

Rolling Stone Magazine article about the 1975 Mayaguez Incident

News and Opinion column
Entitled: Mayaguez: The Fiasco Behind Ford's Finest Hour

November, 1975 article about the Evacuation of Saigon.  The Last to Leave from Leatherneck

Firing Line August 1975 The Assault on Koh Tang from the Navy Times Okinawa Marinne May 25 1975  Stars and Stripes Pacific Newspaper May 14 1975 Stars and Stripes Pacific Newspaper May 15 1975 
The Assault of Koh Tang The Navy Times - August 25 1975

Firing Line August 1975 article done with the press by Lt Col Austin.  
The Mayaguez Incident in the The Okinawa Marine Newspaper - May 25 1975

by Lt Col. Austin

US Ship attacked and seized by Cambodia

Stars and Strips Magazine article about the 1975 Mayaguez Incident

May 14 1975  

Marines on the Way
Stars and Strips Magazine article about the 1975 Mayaguez Incident

May 14 1975   
Participants in the fall of Saigon in 1975 Greg Groth Wilson
List of Participants - The Mayaguez Incident

Incomplete from Leatherneck Magazine

Greg "Growth" Wilson's, Nail 69 Personal Account

The Mayaguez personal account page does not link back to this page

Melton Dunscombe newspapper article Article about the JTF efforts on Koh Tang
The Last Man
Writen by Dick Lancaster 17 April 2010
Pat Brown Article in The Daily Tribune JJ Hamrin's
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The Mayaguez Store written by the employees of Sea Land Corp recaps the events of the Myaguez Crew Report by commander and chief of the Pacific Air Force Last Flight of the Koh Tang the Mayaguez Incident a generation later Viet Name Magazine written by rick hunter Mayaguez
An article written for the Employee's of the SEA-LAND Corp. Well written recap of the events as seen by the crew of the Mayaguez This Report from the Office of the Commander & Chief, Pacific Air Forces.   The details about the crews of The Jollies and Knifes, very interesting read. "Last Flight from Koh Tang
The Mayaguez Incident a Generation Later. 
From ndupress, issue 45, 2nd quarter 2007 /JFQ page 111~  
From The Vietnam Magazine; The Last Firefight written by Ric Hunter  
 The Mayaguez Incident Marines Fly Out Mission Complete May 17 1975    
Stars & Stripes, May 17th 1975      Stars & Stripes from 2015 Reunion Trip