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1091) Raymond Adrian 
Olympia Washington
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Hi everyone, I was the loadmaster on the C-130 that dropped the BLU-82,15,000 pound bomb at the end of the battle. Gofiv3d bless you all!!!
1090) william Allen polly 
port richey florida
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to all my brothers and their wives i hope you all had a nice and wonderful Christmas. also happy new years, i hope the new year will bring you all peace, good health and joy. miss you all see you in 2025
1089) wayne labbe 
arundel maine
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all
1088) Mark Barneck 
palm springs, ca
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I was in HC-1 Det-3 aboard the uss coral sea. I dropped 10 marines down on the Mayuguez one at a time, down the hoist in a SH-3G helicopter. We hovered for almost 45 minutes above the large container ship as the marines did there sweep. I then pulled the Captain and XO of the Mayuguez up the hoist and brought them aboard the helicopter and flew them back to the Uss Coral sea cva-43.
1087) Jim "Heavy" Hoey 
Rancho Santa Fe, CA
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To: Toby Bush- YES, I knew FTMC Bush, he worked for LTJG Freeman in 4th Division. He's in my 1976-1977 Westpac Cruisebook. Stay Blessed~! "Heavy"
1086) Larry Branson 
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Happy Thanksgiving my friends. Semper Fi
1085) Toby Bush 
Fredericksburg VA
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Jim "Heavy" Hoey, did you know FTMC Bush, during that time?
1084) Jim "Heavy" Hoey 
Rancho Santa Fe, CA
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For Dan Furlong; The minimum VA disability rating for Parkinson's disease is 30%. However, you must consider other important factors that can increase this rating to 100%. While you may be awarded 30%, that rating alone may be incomplete. The 30% rating is the starting point. You need to follow-up w/ the VA and ask the status of your disability submittal. I was rated (4) times. Average wait time was 6 months. Stay Blessed~! Jim "Heavy" Hoey
Auburn, AL
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I was the missile systems officer on the Wilson. This past March I was diagnosed with Parkinson's. I filled for disability then. It's been over six months and have heard nothing. If anyone any experience dealing with the VA or has filed over Parkinson's, please let me know what your experience was. Thanks.
1082) Robert Hamer 
Washington State
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I was on the Harold E. Holt FF-1074, when we were called away from Subic Bay to rescue the Mayaguez. Seal, UDT and Marines were brought aboard by helicopter. I remember the jet going over dropping a tear gas/vomiting agent on the Mayaguez while we pulled along side and the Marines jumped onboard. When all was clear, we towed her away. They were dropping 500lb bombs on Koh Tang. Wounded were brought back on board. Scary times!
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