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955) Paul Bussiere 
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Happy B-day to all my Brothers in Sisters. Semper Fi
954) Bob Blough 
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Happy 243rd birthday to my Marine Brothers. Don't eat too much cake.
953) Allen Bailey 
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God Bless to you and your family Pat Brown. Godspeed my friend.
Semper Fidelis
952) Edd Prothro 
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Today is National POW/MIA Recognition Day. During your busy schedules today, please take a few minutes to remember and reflect on, not only our lossees, but all who were prisioners or are still missing. Semper Fi, Edd
951) karona 
Phnom Penh
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Wednesday, August 8, 2018 04:24 IP: Send E-mail

I was very interested for this rescue mission in Koh Tang island, you guys were brave enough to protect your citizen.

I like to learn and research about Cambodian history, Khmer rouge. I never thought that this event happened in my country (Koh Tang). I had read and search for this mission. I really excited to see your web site which save many memorial photo and describe this events of history.

Finally, I would shared my deep condolences to the men who had lost and missing during the mission. May their soul Rest In Peace.

I would like to wish you all the best.

Karona Norm (Mr)
950) Edward Mlotkiewicz 
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As a Marine, a friend of My. Dan Hoffman and Sgt. Al Bailey,and the past Commandant of Marine Corps League Detachment 1098, L/CPL Gregory S. Copenhaver Detachment. I have heard a first hand account of the operation from Dan and commend all of the brave Marines, Airmen and Sailors for their actions during this operation as well as those that gave all for it.
949) Dan DeLeuw 
Scotts Valley
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I am sad for our loss. It was an honor to know Doc. Fair winds and following seas.
948) william polly 
fulton ny
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As we all know Steven "DOC" Poore pasted away shortly after the reunion. But not many of us know the impacted it had on his wife Nancy. She has came into money problems and a fight to get the benefits Doc earned. Now DOC has done a lot for most of us and we owe him a lot. we may not be able to help him but we can help his wife with her money problems until she can get on her feet. I am asking everyone to reach down and donate what we can. I am giving $20 to our organization to help her out. Lets all show her what doc meant to all of us.
947) Daniel Spahn 
Cedar Rapids
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Please pass Deb and my condolences to Nancy. Next door neighbors at Fort Walton reunion.
946) Al Bailey 
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Happy Father’s Day to all my brothers. And a special happy Father’s Day to you Doc! “You will be missed immensely “. Love you Semper Fi !
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